Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What is a good shopping day?

A good shopping day to me is saving more than I spend! Here is a break down of my shopping trip to CVS this morning:

Regular Price:
1 Aussie Styling Spray       $  2.99
1 Herbal Essences Spray   $  2.99
2 DiGiorno Pizzas              $13.98
TOTAL                            $19.96 
Coupons Used:
Aussie                             - $  1.00
 Herbal Essences             - $  2.00
DiGiorno                         - $  1.00
4 Extra Care Bucks         - $  4.00
DiGiorno Sale                  -$   6.98

Total Out-Of-Pocket Paid:  $  5.40 ($0.42 tax)
Received 4 Extra Care Buck on receipt    

So that's like spending $  1.40 for the list of products above.  I will be rolling my ECB's into other CVS bargains



QueenB said...

nice score!!i love CVS muchly

Froggy said...

Well, Miss QueenB, you are the one who got me addicted to CVS'ing LOL I had been disappointed in their deals lately but learned that I can still get some great almost free items by doing smaller transactions.

Faith said...

WOW!!! good for you. That is one AWESOME shopping day.

Cheryl said...

Ah, CVS, the best place to shop. Gotta love bags full for pennies!

Stephanie said...

I love CVS shopping!

Thanks for your comment! You have a great blog as well, and I'm now following. :)