Sunday, June 6, 2010

Swag Code Extravaganza ~ Swagbucks Monday 6/7/10

Have you seen everyone posting tweets and Facebook status updates about finding Swag Bucks and Swag Codes?  Have you considered joining Swagbucks but have been dragging your feet about it?  Maybe thinking "there's a catch"?  Let me tell you, there is no catch and NOW is the time to join.

Swagbucks is hosting a Summer of Swag!  What does this mean?  It means everyone will be winning more swag bucks and more swag codes!

Tomorrow, Monday 6/7/10, there is going to be a Swag Code Extravaganza!  There will be 5 codes released throughout the day.  You don't want to miss this.  FREE MONEY people, FREE MONEY!  Sign up HERE.  As a bonus, after you sign up enter the code SUMMEROFSWAG to get your first 20 Swagbucks!  Lucky duck!

Additionally, this week the Swag Guy (who you will come to love and perhaps develop a crush for) is going to be highlighting a different Swag Buck high bill value each day.  A little birdy told me that tomorrow the high bill value will be 25 tomorrow.  Every 7th searching win on Swagbucks will be awarded that big bill.  So get those Swagbucks search engines ready, it's gonna be a swag buck filled day tomorrow!

To help the newbies out, below is a list of my swaggin' tips:

SIGN UP and enter code SUMMEROFSWAG (code expires Friday, June 11 @ 11:59 pst.)
Set Swagbucks as your homepage and use it for your regular Internet searches.
Download the tool bar so you don't miss out on any valuable swag codes.
Visit Swagbucks on Facebook ~ lots of great help and often tips for finding codes.
Facebook Connect so all your friends know you're earning Swagbucks.
--Swagbuck referrals = more swag bucks for you!
Invite your friends and family to join using your referral link.
Grab the Swidget and check it regularly so you don't miss a code!
Follow Swagbucks on Twitter.
Subscribe to the Newsletter.
Follow Swagbucks Blog.
Don't share codes, it could get you banned.
Valuable information on How it Works - check it out.

Search & Win


Liz said...

I love swagbucks!!!

Im following you via google friend connect from the product review place!

Come check me out @

Anonymous said...

New follower. Please hop on over to my blog and follow back.

Have a great week,

Katherine said...

I just signed up but nothing happens when I enter "SUMMEROFSWAG". Am I doing something wrong? It says to enter a valid promotion code. In any case, I'm excited to get started with this!

Froggy said...


Thanks for signing up for Swagbucks! I've e-mailed my contact to ask about the code not working. One thing to be careful with, when entering a code, is that it is exact. It will be case sensitive and you have to make sure there is no space before or after the code. That gets me from time to time!

Let me know if you still aren't able to get it to work. I've had 2 others say the same thing about the code not working.

Mrs. JPT said...

I've heard so much about this site Swagbucks. I might have to check it out!

Coming back by your place. And also wanted to let you know I think I added the correct email subscription widget this time, LOL!!