Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ten tips for saving money during the back-to-school season!

10 - Make a budget and stick to it - use cash only if you think there's a chance of over spending.
9   - Make a list of necessities and check your home supplies before going shopping.
8   - Read those sale ads that come out and shop around!  Look for BOGO's, Buy 2 get 3rd FREE etc.
7   - Clip coupons and match them up to sale ads.  Stack coupons with BOGO's etc. for big savings!
6   - While you shop back-to-school sales for school supplies, stock up on your home supplies for later use.
5   - A lot of my readers are crafty, make pencil holders, book covers etc.
4   - When shopping for clothes, make sure your child LOVES what they're buying.  If they don't, they won't wear it.  Money wasted.
3   - Shop at discount stores and buy in multiple packs or bulk if you can
2   - Reuse, repurpose and recycle whatever you can!  Maybe last years sweaters would make a fashionable scarf this year!  Do you NEED a new backpack or does last years backpack still have a lot of life left?
1   - Shop end of year clearance for the following year!  This may not work for clothes with older kids but supplies like pencils, paper, folders, backpacks etc. can all be stashed away for the next school year!

Did you know, Staples is helping to get school supplies into the hands of those in need through the 3rd Annual Staples Do Something 101 School Supply Drive. The first two Do Something 101 school supply drives raised nearly $1 million for local charities to purchase back-to-school supplies for students who need them. In addition, Staples stores donated thousands of school supplies to its recipient organizations. 

About Staples:
Staples, the world's largest office products company, is committed to making it easy for customers to buy a wide range of office products and services. Our broad selection of office supplies, electronics, technology and office furniture as well as business services, including computer repair and copying and printing, helps our customers run their offices efficiently. With 2009 sales of $24 billion and 91,000 associates worldwide, Staples operates in 26 countries throughout North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia serving businesses of all sizes and consumers. Staples invented the office superstore concept in 1986 and today ranks second worldwide in e-commerce sales. The company is headquartered outside Boston. More information about Staples (NASDAQ: SPLS) is available at

Staples makes going back-to-school easy for 2010:

Staples provides significant savings, a wide selection of quality products, and a one-stop shop and stress-free shopping experience.

  • Staples is in-stock throughout the entire season and into the start of the school year.

  • Staples kicks off the back-to-school season to provide customers with an official start date for back-to-school shopping and a clear roadmap for value throughout the season.

  • Staples is the expert on back-to-school, with more than 20 years experience.

  • Staples offers more ways to save from hot buys like penny and dollar deals to savings on technology to reduced low prices on hundreds of core items.
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Lynn said...

Great post. I always have to stock up on notebook paper during the back to school sales. I once ran out of notebook paper during the school year and had to buy it at the store for 15x the amount I could have gotten it for in August.