Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Search for Santa Paws - In stores NOW!

THE SEARCH FOR SANTA PAWS is Available on Blu-ray & DVD

Isn't it true that the spirit of Christmas gets lost in the hustle and bustle?  Watching movies like Disney's The Search for Santa Paws is the perfect way to rekindle that Christmas spirit.  This adorable movie will be enjoyed by children and grown ups of all ages!  
The Search for Santa Paws sort of reminded me of Annie.  There is a mean, cranky social worker and orphan girls who sing and dance.  That's just a small part of the movie, though.  There is adventure, laughter, tears...this movie has it all!  I'll stop there.  I don't want to say to much about the movie, because that will spoil it!

For years to come I know I will be hearing my kids asking to watch The Search for Santa Paws each holiday season.  We loved Santa Buddies last year so I knew this one was sure to be a hit, too!

In case you missed my earlier post, below is an article provided by Click Communications to help you get in the spirit of the holidays!

“Someone once told me that the spirit of Christmas is embodied in the hearts of children, untouched as of yet by the doubts, fears and disappointments of the adult world.”                                                     --Santa Claus in “The Search for Santa Paws”
Whether you’re nine or ninety-nine, Santa Claus likely still holds a special place in your heart. Maybe you remember sitting on his knee at your local mall as a child or writing—and re-writing—him a letter asking for a dollhouse or red wagon.  Many of us remember staying up past midnight in hopes of catching a glimpse of him as he came down your chimney.
As parents, we pass down the stories and traditions of Santa Claus.  Even if we can’t think of a logical explanation as to how he visits every home on one night or why there are so many Santa look-alikes all around town each December, it is important that we support the true meaning of Christmas and the Santa Cause. Kids ask us tough questions all the time, and this one, like many others, is one that doesn’t come with a clear-cut answer. The simplest thing is to tell your children to have faith and to just believe. Children love magic, so if you just explain that Santa is magical, that should hopefully help them understand the underlying spirit of Christmas.
Santa Claus is a wonderful tradition, and establishing traditions in your family that get passed down from generation to generation—such as baking cookies for Santa and his elves each Christmas Eve or leaving carrots out for his reindeer—helps create a bond between you and your children. It also makes the holiday more meaningful, memorable and fun for kids, who otherwise might complain about wearing a coat and tie to Christmas Eve dinner at grandma’s. So despite the fact that logic may tell you otherwise, make a point of teaching your children about Santa Claus, his 8 tiny reindeer, his sleigh, his workshop and of course, his best friend, Paws.

I received a copy of The Search for Santa Paws to facilitate this review.  No other compensation was received.  All opinions expressed within are 100% my own.