Friday, February 25, 2011

New Hasbro Games Coming ~ Fall 2011

While at the Hasbro Toy Fair Showroom Tour I got to see and sample some of the new and updated games that are due to be released in the Fall.  Below is a highlight of what we saw.

Here comes Monopoly like you've never seen before.  This new version of Monopoly pulls out all the stops and has all the bells and whistles!  Be gone days of counting money!  Monopoly goes paperless as each player gets their own money card!  That's right, it's all done electronically.  

Wait, what else is missing?  Dice!  No more dice to roll and mess up your perfectly sorted and stacked money.  No more dice to roll and knock your game piece or houses and hotels off the board.  So what will take the place of the missing dice?  The game pieces.  Confused?  LOL  All you'll have to do it pick up your game piece and give it a little shake.  The game will then speak to tell you how many places to move.  Even better, can't remember what space you were on?  The game will know if you moved the appropriate number of spaces.  

Ding Ding Ding - what was that?  It's off to the horse races!  If you want to take your chances, place your bet by inserting your money card into the game slot and give the race track game piece a flick.  The announcer will let you know if you won or lost.

And not to be outdone by Monopoly, there is also going to be Battleship LIVE!  I cannot wait for this one.  I've been saying for a few years that I wanted to get electronic Battleship but I never did.  Now I'm totally going to hold off for Battleship LIVE!  I was unable to get close enough to hear all the great details about the game like I was for Monopoly, but I was able to grab a quick snapshot.

Moving on, remember Scrabble Flash?  My son remembers all the commercials and can tell you how to play the game.  He's FIVE!  Well, get ready because here comes Simon Flash!  Who didn't love the Simon game when they were younger?  I remember the grown ups loving it every bit as much as the kids.  Simon Flash is sure to win the hearts of young and old all over again!

Speaking of Scrabble, where are all my Scrabble fans?  There's an all new Scrabble Cooking game on the way!  I love cooking (hate the clean up part) and I love Scrabble.  

But wait, there's MORE!  My son has asked me numerous times if he could play Scrabble with me because he sees me playing it online often.  (What can I say?  It's addicting!)  I am so very excited about this next brand new game, Scrabble Alphabet Soup.  Now I can play an age appropriate Scrabble game with my kids - they are going to LOVE it!  Using a soup ladle players scoop letters out of the bowl and match the tiles to the letters on the game cards.  What a great way to learn letter recognition and word building!

These are just a few of the games that I wanted to highlight tonight.  This post will be continued with even more games and TOYS this weekend.  There will be something for everyone!


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Monica said...

I love your blog. I wanna play these games! I chose you for The Stylish Blogger Award.

Denise G said...

I love games!! Look forward to these coming out. Certainly a different twist on the old games. Thannks for sharing!

QueenB said...

Can't wait for new Scrabble games!!