Sunday, February 27, 2011

Redbox: 3 rentals for only $1.00! ***HOT***

Today Groupon is offering 3 Redbox movie rentals for only $1.00!!
This Groupon is only valid for DVD rentals and is not valid for video games or Blu-ray rentals.

We love renting from Redbox.  The price is right and it's never closed!  We've rented movies for the kids for long road trips and returned the movies at our destination in a different state!

Don't forget to check Groupon for daily local deals for you!
My Groupon purchased so far include:

AMC Movie Theater Tickets - $8.00 (50% off)
Barnes & Noble $20.00 Gift Certificate - $10.00 (50% off)
Redbox $3.00 in movie rentals - $1.00 (66.7% off)


Katie said...

Thanks for mentioning this - my parents have a "movie night" every week and usually go to RedBox. I got them the codes in December for Christmas and now I got them some more just because :) I usually check Groupon on their app on my phone and didn't see this!