Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Easy Kid Craft: Construction Paper Leprechaun

Do you like doing crafts with your kids but you aren't particularly crafty or don't have a lot of extra time for long, involved crafts?  For me, I fit in the "not particularly crafty" group.  Yet I thoroughly enjoy doing crafts with my kids.  The good news is that kid crafts can be super simple and quick and still be fun and cute.

My husband's grandmother is in an assisted living home 5+ hours from us so we don't get to visit often.  She absolutely adores when we send her crafts from the kids to decorate her room.  So for St. Patrick's Day I decided to have the kids make some simple Leprechauns out of construction paper.

How to make a simple construction paper Leprechaun:

Glue Stick
Construction Paper - Colors of choice

Step 1:  I freehand drew the shapes on the construction paper and cut them out to use as a template.  My kids are 3 & 5 so I traced and cut the shapes out myself in effort to keep the craft simple and easy!  

Shapes include the following:  Circle for face, Hat, strip for hat, buckle for hat, beard

Step 2:  Kids use the glue stick to attach the shapes 

Step 3:  Kids draw face on Leprechaun

Artwork by 3yr old daughter - Leprechaun or Angry Birds Pig?

Tips:  I cut all the shapes and had everything prepped the night prior to doing our craft.  Or if you prefer you can have the kids trace and cut the shapes themselves.  Depending on you child's age you can have them write a little message at the top of the page.  My daughter is just learning to write, so I made the dots and she traced.  If you want to dress up the project, you can make it really pop by adding glitter to the hat.

Have fun and may the Luck of the Irish be with you! 


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