Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Guest Post: Homemade Pot of Gold Matching Game

Here is a quick and easy learning game you can make
for your child for St. Patrick's Day. I used felt to make it, but you could 
easily swap it out for construction paper if you prefer. 

Cut some circles from yellow, orange, or gold felt. 
I used a round cookie cutter as my stencil.

Take the circles and cut them down the middle in different patterns. 
Think zig zags, curves and angles. 

Next I made a stackable rainbow puzzle. 
Cut a curved shape out of your base color and cut each consecutive piece 
a little smaller than the last. With some clouds to finish it off, it's adorable!

I covered an old ice cream cup with black paper for a
 "pot of gold" to hold all of the game parts. 

Sit down and have a blast matching and
stacking with your little leprechaun.

About  The Tomato and The Duck:
Tomato Mama is a SAHM to Pickle who is 3 years old. Tomato and Pickle spend their days doing arts and crafts and exploring the world. Tomato Mama has a huge obsession with felt and spends a lot of time thinking about coupons. Duck Momma is also a SAHM with 6 month old "Goose". She loves cooking, crafting, and spending time time with her little girl. They spend their days learning about the world through art, music, food, and any other activity momma dreams up! She is new to motherhood, but is loving every minute of it.

Thank you, Tomato Mama, for sharing this awesome tutorial with my readers!  I can't wait to make one of these for my kids :-)


QueenB said...

what a cute idea!! and it doesn't need lots of storage space. LOVE!

Mystique510 said...

Great idea! This is a perfect project for little ones.

Diana - Teacher Mom said...

This is a wonderful idea! Love how easy it is to make and the bright colours! Thanks for sharing!

Iccesally Lee said...

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