Thursday, March 31, 2011

Photoworks is closing + $30 for FREE!

That's right, Photoworks is closing its virtual doors and unless you save your pictures now, they'll be gone forever.  But Photoworks knows how much we all cherish our photos and they are making sure everyone has the opportunity to save their photos!

You can transfer your Photoworks pictures over to Shutterfly.  It's super easy, all you have to do it log in and with the push of a few mouse clicks, you're done.  In addition to saving you're pictures, you'll receive $30 to spend at Shutterfly!!  ROCK ON!  $30 to spend at Shutterfly is like giving a kid $30 in a candy store!

So don't delay - check your e-mails or go right to and start the transfer!

I received an e-mail from Photoworks with this offer, I do not know if the same deal is available to everyone but I would assume it is.


BeaderBubbe said...

I got an email from Photoworks about this and was just going to delete it....I havent used them in years and didnt remember my password....well, glad I didnt do that, I finally recouped my password and passed the photos on the that I took at my son's wedding 3 years ago....that I forgot I put on glad I did everyone listen to this blog and check to see if you have photos at Photoworks...