Friday, April 1, 2011

Read My Feed Blog Hop - I'm the guest host!!!

Read My Feed Weekends is hosted by This Mama Loves Her Bargains, Coupons are GREAT and The Thrifty Things!!

The goal of Read My Feed Weekends is to find some cool new blogs to follow. The blog's subscription link is in the linky below which is a quick resource to hop along quickly. A great benefit to bloggers is that your RSS feed subscription will increase! And we all know that we love our stats to go up, up, up! We would love if you shared this very simply blog hop with your blogging friends.

This week we're also adding a GUEST HOST for the hop, and will continue to add a guest host each week chosen by from the prior week's participants. This week is A little of this a little of that in the #4 spot!!

Please link up with your RSS link. Any non- RSS links will be deleted!! The link MAY look something like: Here is a helpful link if you do NOT already have an RSS subscribe option on your blog!!

Please do subscribe to each of the three hosts and the spotlight - and feel free to subscribe to one or all of the blogs listed in whatever reader you choose. All of the hosts will be following all participants who link directly to their RSS subscription. Its always nice to help a fellow blogger out!!

Please when you do subscribe to someone's feed, leave them a quick comment on a non-giveaway post and let them know, so they can return the favor!! Feel free to tell them how great you think their blog is, too, we all love a compliment now and then...