Monday, May 16, 2011

Horrid Henry Rocks! By: Francesca Simon - Book Review

Before receiving this book I had never heard of Horrid Henry books and all I can say is that boy had we been missing out!  The first night my husband read this to my 5yr old son I heard lots of for real belly laughs coming from my son's room.  Belly laughs not only from my son but my husband, too!  Laughter is so contagious.  Heck, I even found myself giggling at the boys laughing.

When my husband finished the book and my son was tucked in for the night, he returned to our room and I immediately asked what all the silliness was about.  He told me he read the new book we got, Horrid Henry Rocks! and that it was hysterical.  Clearly our 5yr old LOVED it.

How better to described how much he loved it that asking Froggy Boy himself?

Mommy: "What did you like most about Horrid Henry Rocks! ?"
Froggy Boy:  "It's funny.  Yeah.  It's really, really funny."

Mommy:  "What's your favorite part of the book?"
Froggy Boy:  "The vampire show.  Someone tricked him about giving him a ticket for it."

Mommy:  "Do you think your friends would like Horrid Henry Rocks! ?"
Froggy Boy:  "Yep.  And I'm done.  I'm not answering anymore of your questions."

Gotta love how cooperative 5yr olds can be.  Argh.  So my husband and son have enjoyed reading Horrid Henry Rocks! together so much that they've now downloaded Horrid Henry Stink Bomb on the Nook!

Froggy Daddy:  "Horrid Henry is awesome.  It's like the books are written specifically for Froggy Boy.  The humor is right up his ally.  I was surprised, too, because there aren't a lot of pictures but he never lost interest."

So as your making your child's summer reading list, be sure to add Horrid Henry Rocks!.  You won't be disappointed, I promise!
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You won’t believe what Horrid Henry will do next! The title character in the best-selling children’s chapter book series is back with more fun then ever- causing mayhem and hilarity and trouble- but it’s not his fault! He can’t help that Perfect Peter is being even more of a toady toad than usual- he had no choice but to take action!

Join Horrid Henry in his latest adventures in Horrid Henry Rocks, by American born author Francesca Simon, which contains four laugh-out-loud stories. See why he is called Horrid Henry as he gets even against Perfect Peter, butts heads with Moody Margaret, and plots to see the bestest band in the world, Killer Boy Rats!

The book launched on April 1st- Horrid Henry’s favorite holiday (besides his birthday of course)!

I received a copy of this book to facilitate my review.  All personal opinions expressed within are 100% honest.  No other compensation was received.


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