Thursday, June 23, 2011

#BlogBash11 Sponsor: Prosperity 4 Kids

We all want our kids to grow up to be successful in life, right? Well Money Mama & her Three Little Pigs also want our kids to grow up to be successful and prosperous and they're here to help us make it possible!

Money Mama is the only #1 Award-Winning Money Management System Designed Just For Kids! Lori Mackey, Founder and CEO of Prosperity 4 Kids, has taken the complexity out of money and made it easy for kids to understand.

My kids love when we read Money Mama & The Three Little Pigs. It's done in such a way that it's easy for them to understand. And although they are able to understand, they ask different questions each time we read the book. This is great because I feel like they're getting a deeper understanding about money each time we read and discuss Money Mama. And in my opinion, the more they understand it, the more they will respect the value of a dollar.

I especially like how the section about investing is done.  Even as an adult I have a hard time understanding how investments, stocks etc work. But all the kids need to know is that the money they invest grows as they go about every day life. This is explained simply with excellent illustrations  with Money Mama.

Another helpful tool is the It's Only a Dollar... Until You Add to It - Allowance Chart Calendar. It reminds me of a typical reward chart but with a twist. There is a reusable page for each day of the week where you can write daily chores, behavioral goals, etc. There are stickers to use with words describing activities kids do on a regular basis. There are also fun stickers of money to help motivate the kids! The kids love it and get excited seeing the totals add up.

Prosperity 4 Kids also offers other products, such as the Money Mama Piggy Bank. I don't have that but think it would also be a great tool and motivator.

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Prosperity 4 Kids is generously offering a Money Mama and The Three Little Pigs Book with Read Along CD and an It's Only a Dollar... Until you Add to It - Allowance Chart Calendar as part of the Blog Bash 2011 Event. To enter click WIN above.

I received samples to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed within are 100% my own. No other compensation was received. If you have specific questions about Prosperity 4 Kids please contact the company directly.


Belly Charms said...

Those are great ideas. My 5 year old is saving money in his piggy bank so we can buy a boat....a real boat - LOL. I will check these out for sure and enter the giveaway. Thanks.