Sunday, July 17, 2011

Divorcing Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile = FAIL!

According to CNet News, Virgin Mobile is going to raise prices, move away from fully unlimited plans and throttle connection speeds of their "bandwidth-hogging customers".

What are they thinking!? The whole reason I switched to Virgin Mobile was because of the awesome plans they offer. My current plan is the 300 minute anytime talk plan with unlimited text and data for $25/monthly NO contract. And from what I understand this plan is going to increase to $35/monthly and there will be limited text and data. So okay, increase the price and decrease the service. Are you kidding me?

Good thing there are many other providers available. Looks like it's time for me to start shopping around and as soon as I find a new one I will be divorcing Virgin Mobile.

This is the second company within a week to announce decreased service and increased prices (Netflix was the other). Not the best way to keep customers.


Thrifty Ninja said...

I am VERY upset about Netflix!

For our mobile phones we used to have T-Mobile, but were paying $220 for unlimited everything on 2 phones....we did some shopping around and found SIMple Mobile, it is $60/mo for each phone and get this..they are a reseller of Tmobile! We are using the exact same service...but paying $100/mo less! We have unlimited talk/text/data. :)