Tuesday, July 19, 2011

NEW! Dog Collar Charms for your favorite fur kid!! #DogCollarCharms

  Several weeks ago I had the pleasure of working closely with the folks at Dog Collar Charms. As part of a #CollectiveBias shoppertunity As part of the shop I was to purchase 3 dog collar charms, one for myself and 2 to give away. Now if you haven't already heard of Dog Collar Charms you're probably wondering what in the world I am talking about! Let me explain.
We, as humans get to accessorize our outfits and now dogs can accessorize their collars with their own, personalized collar charms! I'm not talking about the plain ol' metal name tags that you have done at a kiosk at PetsMart. (I'm not saying anything bad about those, we have one, too! It's very important to keep identification on your pet!) The
Dog Collar Charms are actually made out of a super durable glass and you can have pictures infused directly onto the glass charm. That means the photo of your choice becomes a part of the glass charm! There are currently 9 different color charms to choose from and all pictures are printed in sepia.

Yep, I thought the same thing that you are probably thinking right now. "No way a glass tag would survive on my dog!" My dog, Max, has been wearing his since the day we received his order. Trust me when I say this charm has held up to the ultimate challenge! 

The picture above is of Max's charm after over a month of wear. We spent 3 weeks with an 85lb Golden Retriever and he and Max certainly put this charm to the test. Those two are quite the wrestlers and tuggers. And as they were wrestling and rolling across the floor, we'd hear the tags on their collars clanking like crazy. Did I mention that Max is a 7 month old, high energy, Hound/Lab mix? LOL Since Dog Collar Charms were new to us, a few times I inspected the charm just to make sure there were no cracks or chips. Because like I said, these two dogs played *hard*. To this day it's as smooth as the day it arrived in the mail. There's not a rough edge to be found. As you can see in the close up picture, some of the image does seem to have been scrapped off during the wrestling wars.

There is only *one* thing that would make this Dog Collar Charm even better, and that would be the ability to put ID information on the charm. As of right now, that's not an option. If I was able to have Max's ID info, on the back of his Dog Collar Charm that would eliminate the need for an extra ID tag. With so many tags for this that and the other thing, the clanking can get annoying. I know there are covers you can put on the tags but IMO that just makes them too bulky.
7 Month Old Max wouldn't cooperate for a "photo op" so I had to pin him down to get a picture that shows how nice the charm looks on the collar!
While we were in Myrtle Beach for 3 weeks the Dog Collar Charm got tons of raves from fellow dog owners. Why on earth did I not bring the extra cards provided by Dog Collar Charms in the package they sent? Instead I wrote down the web address and handed it out like candy. People were wanting them for their own dogs and for gifts! 
 Oh, as I said above I was able to order 2 extra charms to give away at a local dog park. So before we left for our 3 week Myrtle Beach vacation we hit the local dog park. Unfortunately it was SO blasted hot that many dogs were there only for short walks with their owners. And at the time my Max, who had just arrived at our home as a rescue from Chattanooga, TN, had Kennel Cough and couldn't go to the dog park. I decided I would take the kids to the park (there's also a playground) and bring Max's collar with me.

I met a couple there that had 2 dogs. I started to tell them about Max and Dog Collar Charms. I believe there was a slight miscommunication somewhere and they ended up taking both of the charms LOL They didn't want their pictures taken but agreed to let me take their dogs pictures. I asked if we could put the charms on the dogs for the pictures and I got a blank stare. Either I didn't present the material well or they just didn't "get it". Regardless, their dogs, Buddy and Max (another Max!) were adorable and were super friendly.

Lucky them, I had ordered a lavender and a maroon charm, both with a paw print image. It matched their harness and leash sets perfectly! I do hope they are enjoying the charms as much as we are! And I hope I didn't scare their little grandson too much. When I tried taking pictures he was crying saying "NO NO NO" because he thought I was going to take the dogs. Poor fella.

The purchase process is incredibly easy and the staff is phenomenal to work with. I will elaborate more on that in a separate post. This one is long enough :-D

I received product sample to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed within are 100% my own.