Monday, August 1, 2011

Choo Choo! Here's The Giveaway Train!

The New Nintendo 3DS
Win it before you can buy it!
Tuesday 8/2 12:01am - Thursday 8/4 11:59pm 
Would You Choose Cosmo Black or Aqua Blue?

View The Prize Details Here on Amazon

This Weeks Prize brought to you by:
The Giveaway Train Blogger Group

Previous Winners:

Shannon Pickin won A Nintendo Wii
Melissa Haggerty won A Tommee Tippee Breast Pump
Tracy Taylor won A $100 LOFT Gift Card
Mary Clarisse won A Happy Baby Prize Pack
Katie Reader won A Pepto Prize Pack
Maggy Austin won Kodak Mini Camcorder
Wanda Rupright won 100 Coupon Clippies
To inquire about becoming a sponsor, or a giveaway train stop (publisher) please contact for details.


Robin said...

This is ludicrous and Horrendous,it should not take 30mins-60mins to enter a contest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Froggy said...

Robin, you do not have to do every single entry. You can enter as much as you want or as little as you want.

I apologize for the confusion and will make sure to mention it with next weeks Giveaway Train post.

Mary said...

@Robin it's your choice and the people that sponsor the prize pay for the prize. I take the time to do it if the prize is something I want. If the prize isn't then I don't do it.


Penny Pinching Polly said...

It took me 5 minutes. I just LIKED all the pages. I didn't enter all the various giveaways. Best of luck!