Saturday, August 27, 2011

Spa for Ma Sponsor Spotlight: K-Y INTENSE #Spa4Ma

Note: This is a family friendly blog, the links provided my contain terminology unsuitable for children.

What can I say about K-Y INTENSE? I can tell you that it is appealing to dogs and makes for an 'INTENSE' chew toy. Yep, my dog, Max, enjoyed my sample of K-Y INTENSE as his very own chew toy. Now if only I could get him to give me his own product review. :P  I'd say from the remains that it would be a positive review. I mean, come on, this 'chew toy' had a nice liquid inside that his others don't! From cleaning up the lovely mess he left for me, I can also tell you that it smells nice, is silky in texture and is not sticky.

The generous folks at K-Y sent me a replacement sample for my review. Now if I shared my personal review about K-Y INTENSE that'd probably be sharing a bit TMI, wouldn't it? I firmly believe some things are better not discussed publicly - especially when there's a chance your mother could read your post *snicker* We'll just say that I wouldn't promote it if I didn't like it. 'Nuff said.

So anyway, there's is this fab new site, K-Y INTENSE Effect. There you can find uncensored reviews. You will also find a $5 off K-Y INTENSE coupon. While you're there, scroll over to see what Ask Dr. Hilda has to say, too!

I have two exciting ways for you to WIN K-Y INTENSE!

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