Thursday, September 9, 2010

DIY Costume Wings Instructions from Martha Stewart

A few days ago I posted an awesome Tiramisu cookie recipe that I got in a daily e-mail newsletter from Martha Stewart.  Well I love Martha Stewart and I am also signed up for several of the other newsletters she has available on her site: Martha Stewart  So yesterday I got this e-mail about making basic costume wings.  It seems easy enough and the wings would make a great addition to many DIY Halloween costumes!

A basic pair of wings can serve as the basis for many different costumes.

Tools and MaterialsKraft paper
18-gauge steel wire
Black tape
Bat wings template
Fairy wings template
Dragonfly wings template
Duct tape
Black spiderweb tights, for bat costume
Colored Halloween "hair spray"
Plastic gems
Glue gun
Clear elastic (1 foot)

Winged Costume How-To
1. Download and enlarge bat wings templatefairy wings template, or dragonfly wings template; trace onto kraft paper.

2. Wrap 18-gauge steel wire with black tape.

3. Bend wire into 3-D shape. First form top shape, then the bottom with another length of wire.

4. Join top and bottom shapes with a piece of duct tape.

5. Cut a leg off panty hose. Slide over bottom of one wing. Pull taut and tie a knot in the back of wire structure.

6. Repeat for bottom of other wing, then tops of wings.

7. Using colored Halloween "hair spray," spray both wings black.

8. Glue on plastic gems to back and front of wings.

9. To make the harness, one by one, sew the ends of a foot of clear elastic to the front of the knot in middle of wings.

Fairy Costume Variation
Follow the same process as butterfly costume, except step 6. Tie off both top and bottom of wings. Then, use follow rest of process, using white Halloween hair spray for step 7.

Butterfly Costume Variation
For another Halloween look, try our butterfly costume.

These materials can be found at major crafts stores.

Special Thanks
Special thanks to DanskinLands' End, and American Apparel for providing all the clothing items featured with today's winged costumes.

If you happen to use these directions to make wings for a costume, let me know, I'd love to see a picture!

To view these directions on Martha Stewart's website, CLICK HERE.


Tina Peterson said...

Hi - I love your blog. I have a new Holiday Traditions blog and I thought I would put a post up that links back to this article. This is darling.

Also, I have a Fall/Winter Holiday linky. If you have any recipes on your blog that match this category, feel free to "link 'em" up.

Thanks! Tina "the Book Lady"

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