Monday, October 18, 2010

Kritter Kommunity ~ Review

Kritter Kommunity gets 2 paws up from my cat, Simon.  About 14, or so, years ago I got Simon from a co-worker.  He was a stray cat that she found and took in.  The problem was that Simon kept bullying her dogs.  Yes, you read that right.  I was single and lived alone with another cat I had at the time.  I told my co-worker that I'd take the cat in and see how he would get along with my cat.  For 2 weeks they hated each other and then they just clicked.  Simon has been with me ever since and is quite the old man, 20+ years old.

There was one major change, for Simon, when I took him in.  He could no longer be an indoor/outdoor cat.  He adjusted perfectly.  He LOVES to go on our screened in porch and my husband and I have often said we wished we could let him outside but it's just not safe for him.  Kritter Kommunity has totally made that possible for Simon.

A little bit about Kritter Kommunity:
The Kritter Kondo Deluxe is an outdoor pet enclosure ideal for indoor cats and small dogs. The Kritter Kondo Deluxe collapses flat with the simple release of a few pins; no assembly required. A shade canopy is built in to offer a shady side and a sunny side for your pet to enjoy. The Kondo comes with it’s own carrying case which has a shoulder strap and handles for easy mobility and storage.  The interior of the carrying case has three pockets and a zipper pouch for toys, food, blanket and bed.

My Experience with the Kritter Kondo Delux:
Set up was super easy and took no time.  This thing is HUGE!  And I mean that in a good way, for sure!  A bit bulky to carry around but not unmanageable.  I felt that the Kondo was nice and sturdy but that maybe the netting around the Kondo could have been a tad bit more taut.  It just seemed a little loose but it wasn't a problem at all.  I recommend setting up the Kondo where you plan on leaving it, unless you have someone to help you pick it up to move it.  I started to drag it (which I don't recommend doing) across the deck and the netting snagged on a flaw in our deck.  My husband and I then very easily picked it up and moved it.  
Would I recommend a Kritter Kommunity cat enclosure?  YOU BET!  We love ours so much that we've actually left it set up on the "catio".  It's even been left out in severe rain storms and withstood high winds.  The canopy collapsed, from the heavy rain, and that was it.  We love being able to put the cat outside for fresh air.  I'm even thinking about getting a small litter box to put out there so he can be out there for extended periods of time.  Of course, no animal should be left unattended while using the outdoor pet enclosure.

Simon's Experience with the Kritter Kondo Delux:

Roamed around, checking things out.
Quite happy to be able to stalk wildlife again!
Just like a child he felt the need to test his limits.
Enjoyed having a visitor over :P

A Happy Cat
Interested in purchasing a Kritter Kondo for your favorite kritter?  You have one shipped right to your door by visiting Kritter Kommunity online!

Safety: Do not leave your pets outdoors unattended. This outdoor cat enclosure is meant as a temporary setting only. It cannot protect your pets from predators. As with any outdoor pet product supervision of your pet when in use is recommended. These products are not toys and should not be used by infants or children, for domestic cats & dogs only, not for hybrids, ferals, wild animals or pets that chew.

I received a Kritter Kondo Delux to facilitate this review.  All opinions expressed within this review are 100% honest and my own.  No other compensation was received.  For specific questions regarding Kritter Kommunities, pls. contact them directly.


QueenB said...

that looks great!! my kitty would love it too

Diane said...

My cats would love this, when harley was a kitten we would let him outside on a harness/leash when we were grilling and he loved to just roll in the grass or take a nap in the sun. Now that he is older, and more apartments are occupied we don't let him out (we share a backyard with a bunch of other apartments). He is easily spooked by other people/animals. When we have a house we plan on making (or buying) something similar to this for our backyard!

Kristi Maloney said...

This is a great idea! I wish I had a cat - but everyone is allergic...unfortunately. :(

lisa said...

I love this! The pictures are too cute. I will keep this in mind for when my cat gets a little older.

Katie said...

No way! I have never seen such a thing! That is great - especially for older cats!

Lori said...

Hey that looks really great! Thanks for the informative post. I will have to check into one of these.

twifanheather said...

This looks so awesome! My cats would love this!