Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Disney Princess Shimmer Doll Collection $27 at Target!

This deal is tooooo good not to share!  In fact, I made a special trip to Target tonight to make sure this Santa has the Disney Princess Shimmer Doll Collection under the tree for a special 3yr old .

Disney Princess Shimmer Doll Collection

List: $59.99
Sale: $54.99
Less 50% off COUPON 
TOTAL: $27.50 (before tax)

Make sure you print the coupon or have an original coupon.  I tried to print one at the kiosk and it wouldn't let me.  I asked the CS Mgr. for help and he, reluctantly, found me a coupon to use :-)


momofbestbaby said...

That is a great deal.

Chris said...

Great deal! I hope I have seen this before Christmas and I hope you would have the same or better deals next Christmas.

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