Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Spa for Ma Sponsor Spotlight: Pure Bliss Essentials #Spa4Ma

What's a wonderful way to pamper ma? Give her some swanky bath and beauty products! What woman doesn't love fresh, clean smelling, handmade soap? Or luscious, thick and creamy lip balm? There's something about handmade products that is just more appealing than products manufactured in a factory, don't you agree?

Pure Bliss Essentials is located in Portland, Oregon and was established in 2007. Grace Antares is the founder and raised Pure Bliss from the ground up. She takes great pride in her products as each soap is a labor intensive process. She sees to it that each soap is done to perfection, using only the finest ingredients. You won't find parabens or phalates in Pure Bliss Essentials products!

So I mentioned swanky bath and beauty products. You're probably thinking to yourself, really? "swanky" bath products? That's right. The bar of soap that I received, which smelled lovely, by the way, had a artistic, modern face with a tube of lipstick in it. Don't be fooled, as my family and I were! We seriously had to take a second look to see if Ms. Antares actually put a tube of lipstick in the bar of soap! We were all amazed at how real it looked but was 100% soap! Very impressive!

 Pure Bliss Essentials makes sure to design soaps to fit in with just about any bathroom decor. They have pin up girls, glam girls, whimsical, seasonal and more! They even provide packages for large events like corporate parties and weddings! You've got to check out the unique, custom designed wedding favor soap!

And not to be outdone by Pure Bliss's soap line, their lip balm is divine! I was lucky enough to get to sample the Vanilla Butter Cream. Oh my heavens. It's like putting a cupcake on your lips without it forever going to the hips! So smooth, thick and creamy. It got passed around my family and continues to be a favorite by everyone!

Thank you so much to Pure Bliss Essentials for being a wonderful Spa for Ma blog event sponsor!  

I received samples to facilitate this review. No other compensation was received. All opinions expressed within are 100% my own.


Turning the Clock Back said...

That soap looked really cool! I have never seen anything like it!

Beeb said...

Those are SO cool! The snowflake soaps are so cute - great stocking stuffer idea for Christmas.