Friday, July 30, 2010

App Friday: iEarned That

I subscribe to Moms with Apps and look forward to their App Friday posts every week.  I've been able to download (er, have my husband download, since I lost my iPod Touch, argh) some great kid apps for FREE.  This week they shared an app that I'm super excited about.  A reward chart/program app!  My kids are all about technology (how could they not be when both parents are computer geeks) and LOVE using iPods.  I have high hopes that this reward system will be a success.

"This week we are on our best behavior  with iEarnedThat, an app that helps kids set and accomplish goals using a foundation of positive reinforcement."

Read more about it at Moms with Apps  and find out how you can get the app for FREE!


Lorraine said...

Hello! Lorraine here, editor at Moms With Apps. Thanks so much for the supportive post! We hope to keep the good apps coming your way. :)

Sarah said...

I'm going to check that out! Clever..."Moms With Apps!"