Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dog Days of Summer ~ Jamba Juice Smoothies at Home Kit ~ Review

Now you can enjoy your favorite Jamba smoothie anytime, anywhere. Just add juice and blend! Loaded with all-natural premium fruits and yogurt, our fat-free smoothie kits include a healthy antioxidant boost, one full serving of fruit and 100% daily value of vitamin C.
I love fruit smoothies but have never been able to perfect a homemade one.  The texture is always off, the taste always lacks that perfect combination of tartness and sweetness and there are always those dreaded chunks of ice.  When I found out that I could get a product sample of Jamba Juice smoothies at home, I jumped on it!  We don't have Jamba Juice locations in my area but my husband travels a lot for work and has stopped in a few Jamba Juice cafe's while out-of-town.  He said they were good and that'd I'd really like them.

The samples arrived on my doorstep packed in dry ice.  The kids and I had fun with that.  I put the dry ice in a bowl and we made some smoke and witches brew.  A built in science lesson :P  The product packages were perfectly frozen, even after being in transit.

I have to be honest, I didn't get to blend all three flavors that we got.  I'll tell you why.  I have 2 children who couldn't wait.  They snuck into the freezer and ripped into the bags.  I found them hiding under the dining room table happily chowing down on the frozen blends.  You should've heard the "Mmmmm" sounds and the "These are delicious" comments coming from under the table.  At least they were cute and shared with each other.  "Here Erin, try one of mine."  "Okay, here Bo, you try mine."

So I was able to blend and try the Razzmatazz flavor for myself.  All I had to do was add juice!  It was perfect in every way.  MORE PLEASE!

Thank you to the folks from Jamba Juice for sending us the samples.  I highly recommend trying Jamba Juice at home!  See if there's a retailer near you!

I received product samples to facilitate this review.  If you have specific questions about Jamba Juice or their products, please contact their customer support directly.


QueenB said...

razzmatazz sounds delish!! this sounds like a great healthy treat my kids would devour