Friday, August 20, 2010

Energizer Smart Charger would make my life easier!

I'm a mother of 2 young children and we are forever needing to replace batteries in this, that or the other thing.  We never seem to have enough *working* batteries.  We've done many late night trips to the WaWa (convenient store) to spend big money on batteries to help fix a cranky child's favorite night time soother.  And I cannot count the number of times we've borrowed batteries from one toy to get another back up and running.  Then it's a melt down when the other toy isn't working.

Folks, lets just say that the Energizer Smart Charger is a must for every parent!  How much easier would life be if when batteries ran down we just popped them out and into the charger.  We would have a steady supply of charged batteries!  Imagine that!  No more late night trips to buy super expensive convenient store batteries!

And think about all the physical battery trash we'd be eliminating!  Eco-Friendly!  Besides, do you have any idea how many people haven't a clue that batteries should be recycled and not tossed into a garbage can?  Saving money...saving the planet...saving my sanity...  YES PLEASE!

I am posting my personal opinion on the Energizer Smart Charger in hopes of winning a Target gift card and an Energizer Smart Charger.  I found this opportunity on J. Leigh Designs.  You can write a post to win, too!  See details at J. Leigh Designs.