Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Giveaway Tip, Hint and Surprise!

Hump is almost over and I hope you all are enjoying your week!  I wanted to share a little giveaway tip with yous guys, since I've noticed a bit of a trend after giveaways end.

When a giveaway ends and the winner is announced, I highly recommend that you don't unsubscribe.  There is always the possibility that the prize is not claimed and a new winner will be chosen.  If you are chosen but you've unsubbed, unfollowed etc. you won't be eligible to win.  Wouldn't that be a bummer?

With that, I enter lots of giveaways myself and rarely do I win, if ever.  I know how disappointing it is after you take the time to subscribe, grab buttons, do daily tweets, vote for blogs etc. etc. etc.  So in appreciation of your dedication to my blog and  for entering my many giveaways, I want to give something back to YOU - from ME!

You're wondering what I have to give to you, right?  How about an gift certificate?  Sound good?  Here's the deal, the giveaway will go up once I hit 500 Google Friend Connect followers and at that point I will announce how much the gift certificate amount will be.  I will tell you this, it's not going to be a cheapy $5 GC.

Share my blog with your friends, post the link on your blogs, facebook and twitter.  Tell them to post here saying you referred them and there may be special bonus entries for you!  HINT HINT...nudge nudge!

Thank you to everyone for participating on A little of this A little of that...  :-D


Stasha said...

Sounds awesome to me!

I have entered a ton of giveaways here lately and not winning often, if at all...

It really is all about the luck of the draw...

Heather said...

It is completely the luck of the draw! So when I enter giveaways, I make sure to tweet everyday or more if they allow, and I also enter giveaways for the same item, like the same Thomas toys, or whatever, to try to up my chances.

I shared about your blog on my blog,

In twitter:


ruthhill74 said...

I am a new follower of your blog. Heather Kelly of Airplanes and Dragonflies sent me to you, and I'm glad she did! Blessings to you! I don't plan to stop following you any time soon.