Friday, August 20, 2010

It was a Milano Moment

Lovely view of mountain tops
Our summer has been packed with activities.  Summer camp, karate camp, summer gymnastics classes, road trips, the beach and fun play outside.  But there was on specific moment that my husband and I really got to sit down and watch the kids, with smiles on our faces, remembering how wonderful life really is.

Beautiful flower with butterfly
We took a trip to Tennessee to visit my Granny, whom the children had never met.  Granny lives up in the mountains, far from what I would consider reality.  She's got a wonderfully large vegetable garden, from which each meal we got to eat fresh veggies.  There is nothing more delicious than home grown veggies!  Well, except for maybe Strawberry Milano cookies!  She also has a beautiful flower garden along the creek bank that attracts the most colorful butterflies and bees.
Gorgeous flower on creek bank

A little bug enjoying some sweet bug treats

For the trip I had packed coolers full of snacks and within the stash of snacks were the single serve packs of Milano cookies.  So after the kids were done splashing in the creek, they were able to enjoy the freshly picked berries and a few Milano's!  
Bo helps the Messy Princess wade thru the creek
I'm telling you, there is something about the country air, the sounds of the water running down the creek, the sounds of the birds chirping, smell of the just makes you take a step back to enjoy the moment.  Love the moment, really.
Picking fresh blackberries with Great Granny
How would you like to try the new Strawberry Milano's for yourself?  HERE you can find a coupon for $1 off!  Go ahead, treat yourself.  Everyone deserves to enjoy the moment now and then!  And if you can't be out in the country, up high on a mountain, it's okay....the Strawberry Milano will take you there!  For more Milano Moments and special discounts, visit the Milano Facebook Page
I wrote this post because I hope to win 1 of 10 super prizes from Pepperidge Farm Milano!  My post was based on a true story, the pictures are my own.  Pepperidge Farms logo and stock photos provided by One2One Network.