Monday, August 9, 2010

My Daughter's 3rd Birthday Party

Saturday we celebrated my daughter's 3rd birthday, although her actual birthday isn't until Tuesday the 10th. Here are just a few pictures of my Messy Princess (she managed to keep herself clean while wearing her party dress!!!)
The cake I made before the great collapse, it didn't survive the transport to my parents house.
The Messy Princess and her cake, post collapse and reconstruction attempt.
She LOVES motorcycles and finally got to sit on a real one.  Says she going to "race Barney Purples motorcycles" when she grows up.  You know I'm lovin' that.....NOT! LOL
My Biker Babe
Happy Birthday to my Messy Princess


sara said...

I am crazy impressed with that cake!

Angie Chu said...

wow,your daughter is soooo cute!And I love the cake!

Mrs Gloves said...

That cake is awesome! Happy Birthday to your daughter.

Jen said...

She is adorable! Happy birthday to your kiddo!