Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Would you vaccinate your pet at home, if you could?

From Drs. Foster and Smith:

Only 50% of dogs and a mere 40% of cats are vaccinated against vaccine preventable diseases like distemper, parvovirus, hepatitis and feline leukemia. These diseases damage or take the lives of countless pets each year.

In an effort to help protect these unvaccinated pets and educate pet owners on the necessity of vaccinations, Drs. Foster and Smith has significantly lowered prices on all of its vaccine products and is offering a free and simple step-by-step online video on how to vaccinate your pet economically at home.

I had no idea vaccinating at home was even an option.  That's not something taught in Vet Tech school I suppose.

Dr. Race Foster said,
 "I'm not sure that the average pet owner realizes both the importance of having their pets vaccinated, and also the fact that they can do this at home. Of course, veterinarians need to provide rabies vaccinations, but with most other vaccinations people can do the vaccinating at home and much more economically. No prescription is required. That's important for people to know who are long distances from a veterinary office or if economic factors have kept them from having their pets vaccinated. We are working with manufacturers right now to get them onboard with even better pricing. With the help of major vaccine manufacturers and Drs. Foster and Smith, America's pets no longer need to go unvaccinated. For those who prefer to have their veterinarian do their vaccinations, perhaps our National Pet Vaccination Initiative can serve as a reminder to see your veterinarian and keep your vaccinations current."
Reasons people don't vaccinate their pets:
Times are tough economically which means that some people may choose to forego necessary and life-saving vaccinations in an effort to save money.
Your Solution   We have significantly reduced prices on all of our vaccines in order to get them into your hands at an affordable price.
Traveling to the veterinarian's office can be a hassle, especially when your pet is afraid to go.
Your Solution    Vaccinate your pet at home with our simple How to Video - it's easy. Your pet can be given their shots in the comfort of your own home - without the stress associated with a visit to the veterinarian.
Making decisions regarding the health and well-being of your pet isn't always easy. And not all veterinarians are available 24/7. Where can you go to find the information you need from a source you can trust?
Your Solution and As pet owners, you'll find hundreds of articles and videos at your disposal to keep you and your family informed regarding the best options for your pet's health.

The above posting is information received directly from Drs. Foster and Smith's site.  I found the information interesting and worth sharing. Red text is my own words.

So tell me, what do you think of this?  Would you vaccinate your pets at home?


QueenB said...

i keep thinking about this. i may just start!!

thanks for the info. i'm going to share with my husband tomorrow.

Julie said...

I would to my house pets (use to for the bulls) but in Minnesota it's a state law that we can't buy those type of shots, they have to be given by a vet. Guess that's why mine aren't always up to date cuz between the shots themselves, the office visit and poop sample it's over a hundred dollar visit.
Love your posts. I have them come to my mailbox so can keep up. Love it.
Take care and God Bless!!